Sunday, 28 September 2014

Space Dwarfs, Robots and Award Dinners...

Welcome to Inso's World again. It has been another week of interesting developments so we will start at the top and work down.

As you know from last Sunday's post, I recently returned from a course that was to do with an upcoming deployment. Well... Monday, I found out that I wasn't going any more. I found out because of an e-mail which gave me information on stuff I needed to go somewhere different! After a few tense moments, it was confirmed that my sunny tour had swapped to a snowy one and that the course I had been on was now redundant. On the plus side, the course was for Quality Assurance and it is a good one for the CV... also, due to the change in destination, I get to do another off-road driving course (which is FINE BY ME!!!!).

Thursday, I was invited to a special award dinner as one of the guests. It was a very formal event with lots of high profile guests. The evening was free and was an oportunity for the bosses to thank us for the work we had done... so much wine, food and entertainment was had by all and to top it off... I was given Friday off to relax. I didn't win one of the awards but to be nominated was good enough for me. Unfortunately, Friday was a bit of a write off due to my excessive celebrating but it was worth it.

This week has seen the start of the Unofficial Diorama of Doom 2014 competition. It is an opportunity to show off your diorama building skills whilst using set ranges of miniatures. Here's a link for the rules so feel free to pop along and throw your hat into the ring:

I am not sleeping again. It has been particularly bad over the last couple of days so I am getting a bit upset by stupid things... so as you may appreciate, I have steered away from the hobby a bit. That doesn't mean that I have been completely idle though. Here is a picture:

Click the Pic!

On the top row we have two finished servitors and a WIP Squat Engineseer. Below that we have three finished Squats. It may not be a lot... but it is still ticking along.

As for the Squat Engineseer... I tried to chop up spacemarines to convert one but couldn't find a way of getting the proportions right so I have bitten the bullet and will sculpt one. He is going to have a bionic leg, a power weapon, a ranged weapon and a servo arm. That is all I know at the moment and as he progresses, I will show of pics.

With Squats and my deployment in mind, I will have a perfect opportunity to get some sculpting done. I will be away for six months and, as long as I have a decent light source, I will be able to take my mind off being away from home with a little sculpting. What I plan to do is take the platoon of Squats that need their arms sculpting and sculpt on the arms. That way, when I return and have some time off (post deployment leave), I will be able to start painting them.

Of course... no plan survives contact with the enemy...

See you from the boat!


Manus said...

Love that powerlifter!

Inso said...

Cheers :)

Baconfat said...

Perfect idea for repurposing necrons!