Sunday, 14 September 2014

And so it all begins!

I am sure that you will have noticed that today's blog post is a little on the early side today. Well, as they say in the movies; "there's a good reason for that". A little later today, I am going away on a course so I won't have time to post anything later on. I am sure things will revert back to normal next week.

So... where to start?

Do you remember this?:

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Well, it can now be purchased, as 'Hannibal the Dwarf' from Grekwood Miniatures; HERE. Pop a long and have a look in the shop... there is all sorts in there.

In other (similar) news, you may remember this:

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She was converted from a dolly for the FoD 2012 sculpting competition. Well... time has passed and it looks like there may be some life in the competition yet. How do I know? Well, look at this picture and, bottom left, is something that looks terribly familiar:

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It seems that another sculpt has reached the metal stage. I'll share more news when I get it.

So... what have I been upto this week? Well... a bit of biking, a bit of working, not much sleeping... and a small amount of converting. Not to mention, receiving miniatures from Ebay and throwing them in the Dettol. From the last post, you may recall a pair of robots. In order for them to join the Squats, I need to have a tech-marine/engine seer... so I bought some plastic spacemarines for conversion purposes. They are currently in the Dettol and will be brought out at a later date for converion. In the meantime, I have finished one of the robots and am working on the second one. Here is a poor photograph, taken using my phone because my camera shut down due to battery failure:

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I put the 'call' out to find suitable robotic arms but there wasn't really anything that worked for me... so I made the arms out of Necron parts, plasticard and putty. I like the long, ape-like arms... maybe you do?

So that is about it for today. Because I have a course this week, I expect next week's blog post to be pretty sparse...but you never know.

See you from the queue at the parachute-jump door!


Mr Teufel said...

Cong Rats, Inso! :D

Inso said...


It's always nice to see your sculpts in metal (no matter what happens to them after that).

It means that you are sculpting things that will actually cast (which is always helpful if you plan, in the future, to sculpt, cast and sell).