Sunday, 7 September 2014

Get the motor running... head out on the highway!

Welcome to another Sunday blog post and this week, like many others, has been one of variety.

I have had an awful lot of 'real life stuff' over the past few weeks so my hobby has taken a bit of a back seat. News of my six months trip has now properly sunk in and I am now in a position where I can get on with planning, rather than feeling sorry for myself. I have now collected my new 125CC motorcycle and managed to ride it 35 miles home without incident... which I was glad of and to be honest, I was worried that after six years of not riding a motorbike, I would have forgotten how to ride. Fortuantely, as soon as I got on the road, it all came flooding back... so here is my new toy:

Click the Pic!

I didn't just buy it for me. I also bought a 125cc due to my daughter just passing her CBT and needing a safe pair of wheels. She isn't quite ready for the road yet... but she has been getting in some practice on a safe road, with me watching and giving her a bit of coaching. Here she is, pottering along... nice and steady:

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So... onto hobby stuff and one of my problems is that I like to know how things work. With that in mind, I thought about how my little hover bike might work so I threw together a quick diagram:

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Some of the airflow is directed downwards to inflate the skirt, while some of the airflow passes through a radial compressor to provide directional thrust. Simple.

Speaking of hover bikes, I have only managed to finish the intake:

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You may also have noticed the two shady looking characters that are standing next to the bike. Well... to cut a long story short, one of my favourite Squat miniatures was the techmarine. I have decided that I will have a techmarine (or engineseer, if you wish) as part of my little Squat army. Now... the techmarine is able to have Servitors and although the human variety is pretty cool, I didn't like the thought of my Squats being turned into mindless automata... so I decided that they would have little robots to help instead. Seeing as I have made some Beetlebots before, it seemed logical to add them to my Squat army as well. They will be getting more work yet (the two in the picture aren't even glued together, they are just loosely pinned) and I will need to figure out what I am going to do with the arms... but it's a start.

So... there you have it. Another week passes and the slow progress towards a finished Squat army continues.

See you from the drill square... SHUN!


Lord Siwoc said...


Life is priority over hobby.

Inso said...

Aye, it is indeed :)

I just wish that there wasn't quite so much real life at the moment (it all seems to have turned up in the last couple of weeks)!

Stephen said...

Coming along nicely and remember, drill is a pill to be taken twice a day ;-)