Sunday, 31 August 2014

An even BIGGER week...

First up today, I'd like to welcom Buffer to the blog. Welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy your travels along the winding paths of Inso's World. Feel free to share with us and if you feel the need, please comment.


... I got news that I am going away for at least four months (most probably six). I found out when someone phoned me up to say that I needed to go on a course so that I could deploy. I have not had official notification yet (rather disappointing) but know it will be a Quality Assurance job, somewhere in the middle east. It could be as early as November but hopefully, not until March (I'll get a bit more time to prepare then).

As a result of the untimely notification, my mind hasn't been straight this week (especially when you consider that I had to tell my family the wonderful news)... so I went and volunteered to run a seven mile road race a week this Thursday! Add to that Friday's tequila and beer night... and a host of other personal upheavals... you would have thought that I wouldn't get any hobby stuff done...

...but you'd be wrong! I'll admit that I haven't done very much but I have done something. The Squat command squad all have their weapons sorted and have had the first layer of green-stuff added to their wire arms, ready for the proper sculpting later:

Click the Pic!

You will also notice the start of a hover bike. I am saying nothing about it apart from the fact that it is very WIP and I want it to be castable so I only need to make one. I'd like to mention that no Lego was harmed in the making of the WIP because the building bricks are from an inferior brand. As soon as I have more to show, I'll be more inclined to add some explanations.

Well... that's about it for now. Hopefully, next week I'll be saying how cool my new motorcycle is and be able to show off all manner of Squat stuff.

We live in hope.

See you from the dust bowl!

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