Sunday, 18 May 2014


Today is a hangover day. I may have been partaking in a few glasses of port until about 5am so I am not firing on all cylinders today. That means that today's blog post will be a bit 'to the point'.

First up, I have been pointed at with another Liebster award from the Bandit86 blog. Rather than going through the whole process, I will just answer the questions... so here they are:

1. If you could be an actor in a film, what film and who would you play?
- I think I'd play the lead role in Sniper. I'd need the film's fitness trainers to go to work on me first but I reckon I'd be great as a gnarly old war vet who works alone.

2. If I could have lunch with 3 fictional movie characters, who would they be and why?
- Professor Flitwick (from Harry Potter) because he would be great dinner entertainment using his elevation tricks, The Silver Surfer because he would have some awesome tales to tell and could put on a holographic show of them and Pilot from Farscape to add a little calming influence on procedings.

3. What is my favourite part of the wargaming hobby?
- Honestly?.. Seeing the new stuff that turns up and being inspired by the creativity of it all.

4. What is my feeling on crowd funding and have I been involved?
- I think it serves a purpose but is being misused by people who don't really need to use it. I always thought it was a helping hand to get an idea off the ground for someone starting out... now it seems to be an easy 'advance order' system for larger companies. I have joined in with 5 kickstarters so far... I am still waiting for Mantic stuff from last June.

5. What are my favourite past/present TV shows?
- Farscape/Space Above and Below (a tie for the past one) and nature programmes.

6. Do I consider myself a nerd/geek.
- Of course... and I stand upon the tallest place and yell out loud about it. It is very funny when people expect you to be embarrassed about it, only to discover that you are happy to be so creative and childish.

7. What is my favourite figure that I have or want?
- That is very tricky because what I really want is a range of cut-down 1/60 scale Votoms mechs to be made... I would dearly love those. Failing that, The Grymn are under my skin and there are so many classic Grymn that I couldn't possibly just choose one.

8. Who is my favourite figure sculptor?
- Kev White from Hasslefree Miniatures. He has an exceptional grasp of anatomy and posture... and sculpts Grymn.

9. Do zombies creep me out?
- No. I just don't get the whole zombie thing. I never have and I never will (and I have no idea where the quote comes from because I don't watch any zombie films).

10. What is my biggest fear?
- I don't have one... I go with the flow and fear when I need to. I don't dwell on things to an extent where I could say 'that is my biggest fear'. I guess the safety of my family would be high up there though.

11. What gives me the most joy?
- Everything. I am one of those people who can see the best in a bad day. Children and animals are great to be around... they do the funniest things and can show such raw emotion that you would have to have a heart of stone not to feel joy in their joy.

Thanks for the questions Bandit86, they were quite tricky.

I haven't really been hobbying much this week so I only have a couple of WIP pix to show off:

Click the Pix!

The top pic shows three mobile weapon platforms that have been made from Imperial Guard weapons, some plastic bricks and some old Epic Landraiders. They still need to have details added but are getting there. They are for my Squat troops to use (the ACTUAL Squat miniatures, not my converted-from-Imperial-Guard ones) because they are so tiny. The bottom picture shows a very early WIP of my Squat Warlord in Exo Armour. By the time he is finished, he will be completely different from the WIP.

Well... I hope you have enjoyed today's post. I am now off for a drink of water... and some headache tablets.

See you through bleary eyes!

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