Sunday, 25 May 2014

A mixed bag.

This week has been one of good times and sad times.

One of the things about being a serviceman is the transience of it all. You just get used to people being about and then they move on to be replaced by someone else. On the plus side, you get to go to many leaving functions but on the down side... your friends move on.

This week one of my friends left the service so we had a proper leaving function and gave him a good send off... I hope that the next person who comes a long becomes as much of a mate as his predecessor.

So... I went to the cinema yesterday and saw the new X-Men film. Now here's the rub. On the one hand, it is a good film with lots of action, lots of characters and some excellent special effects. On the other hand, time travel is used to totally re-write the X-Men universe and change the relevance of the first two main films. The purists will be spitting feathers... those who just want a simple super-hero film will be spitting feathers (unless they can suspend their beliefs for a couple of hours)... those who like time travel and all of the rubbish it conjures up will love the film.

Me... the film was great apart from the time travel aspects. The writers have completely altered much of the previous work. You are even left in doubt as to whether Wolverine will ever get his adamantium claws...

Recently, I have been converting/sculpting but my juices have dried up... so I decided to paint a cheap plastic dinosaur fo no apparent reason:

Click the Pix!

It's amazing what a quick paintjob does for these cheap, rubber dinosaurs... I reckon that I must have spent about 30p on the painted one. Not a bad result, really.

That's it for now.

See you from the Cretaceous period!


Nobody667 said...

That turned out very well. The price can't be beat either! I wonder how many other animal/dinosaurs might be useful out there...

Bob Kinnear said...

Good stuff Inso,really like that dino.
This is turning into a bit of a thing,that's the fourth time I've seen dino's painted up lately.