Sunday, 1 June 2014

An interesting week...

Hello again. Welcome to Inso's World and you find me sat at my PC on a glorious sunny day. I can hear the sounds of lawn-mowers, smell the smoky air of BBQs and listen to the wonderful sound of bird-song. Today is a flip-flop day... so, what has been going on this week? To start with, work has been mental. Every time I clear a job, three come in so I have been run ragged. As a result, my hobby time has been restricted to what I can be bothered with... and that seems to be cheap, plastic dinosars. I have managed to paint another two:

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As you can see, I have now got three finished and the beauty of these is... no matter how badly I paint them, they will still look much better than how they started. That means I can practically switch off while I paint and still end up with an OK finished product... and that works for me when I am tired out.

In other news, I have had a proper 'couple' weekend. Friday me and my better half went to the pub and had such a good evening that we booked a room and stayed over night. After a smashing cooked breakfast, we walked the three miles home in glorious sunshine, through the Oxfordshire countryside. We've been shopping, dining out and enjoying life all weekend while our two teenagers go off and do their own thing. After all this time being attentive parents, we are starting to enjoy being a couple again... and it is great. In fact, this morning we went into town and had brunch together... no children in tow. But enough of all that... here is a picture:

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The other day, I noticed a strange noise coming from the ventilation fan in the kitchen so I investigated and discovered that the outside vent had a hole in it and there appeared to be nest material sticking out. I disabled the fan switch (so it couldn't be switched on), kept an eye on things and soon found out that Robins were busy flitting backwards and forwards with beaks full of food. I decided I'd wait until things were properly settled and take a peek... and the best way I could think of doing it was with a camera... and as you can see, we have at least five Robin chicks in our fan duct. How cool is that?

Ebay has been a friend to me again... and this time Torge's Tigers get the benefit of my luck:

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They get a nice Devilfish to travel about in. As you can see, it is still WIP and still needs clean-up but the basic assembly is finished (apart from the front guns).

Well, that appears to be the end of another mixed bag of stuff.

See you from the hide!


Bob Kinnear said...

Reminds me of "Flesh" from 2000AD.

Inso said...

Which one? The new one? I am assuming that Flesh was some sort of a dinosaur sci-fi character?