Sunday, 11 May 2014

An interesting week?

Hello again. It is Sunday so it is time to update the blog again.

I'll start with something completely different and talk about mobile phones. I have just been given an upgrade and I have not only advanced to the technological marvels of a touch-screen phone (with internet!) but I was also given a tablet as a free gift. I think it is great when you don't really keep track of things and a phonecall 'out of the blue' gets you... STUFF! Now, of course, I have to learn how to use them both but I guess that slow and steady wins the race.

I have had quite a sociable week that, coupled with a distinct lack of any identifiable sleep pattern, has limited my hobby time again... so I have just pottered along and have been bothering Ebay as well.

First up... I put a bid on some Squat plastics... and I only went and won them for a very reasonable price (less than £2.00 each!). That means two things... I have finally got some proper Squats and I have managed to find yet another distraction.

Now you would have thought that a Squat was a Squat, wouldn't you? Well... apparently not. You see, my Squats are bigger than yours:

Click the Pic!

The one in the middle is one of my Imperial Guard conversions and the other two are actual Squats (with new heads). As you can see, there is a noticeable difference between them so I am forced to think about how to mix them together. I have 20 Squats so that isn't enough for a platoon (I need 25 for that) so I can't make a separate infantry platoon... however, with 18, I can make a heavy weapon platoon so that is what I am going to do. I think that they have been chosen for heavy weapons because they aren't as big as standard infantry Squats and can have self-propelled weapons so they don't have to carry as much. The weapons I am thinking of using are these: LINK.

Speaking of Squats, I have now converted enough IG to make the first squad:

Click the Pic!

From the top left, Grenade launcher, Comms, Sgt, Loader, Las-cannon. The bottom row are all basic lasguns. Only another 26 to go!

Well... that is it for today.

See you from the bottom of the alphabet soup!

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