Sunday, 27 April 2014

An empty blog post.

Apart from Welcoming ChicoDeSatanic to Inso's World (Welcome Chico!), I don't really have any updates today.

To be honest, I started the week full of enthusiasm but that was quickly cut short when I decided that I would varnish a few miniatures. Unfortunately, the varnish I used (Humbrol matt acrylic spray) didn't like the conditions (it was a bit of a damp atmosphere) and as a result, ended up coating my lovingly painted miniatures with a frosty coating. Once I took a sharp intake of breath, I made sure everything was dry and set about repainting the areas that were worst affected.

The rectification has been completed (not perfect but acceptable) so I have lost my hobby enthusiasm for the week.

I have also stopped everything to focus on my commissions that have been lagging due to a lack of muse (obviously, I have been more enthusiastic about converting Dwarfs... rather than trying to get to grips with my commissions). That means that I have got further on them in the last day or so than I have for the last month or so. 

In other news, I have now received my Velociraptor painting from Jacob and have framed it up ready for hanging at work. It is awesome and will always give me something to smile about!

Well... that is it for today. I'm sorry that I haven't got much to share but this week hasn't really been a good hobby week.

See you from inside the stage-coach!


David Wood said...

Cheer up...I've nominated you for a 'liebster' award...blame Clam.

and don't thank me too quickly :)


Inso said...

Well... I've read up on it and it isn't too horrendous. I'll sort it out at the weekend when I have a bit of time :).

It'll give me time to think of the eleven truths that I am willing to share :D!

David Wood said...

It was actually great fun in spite of the effort involved :)