Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Sunday

Welcome to this week's blog update. I'll start by saying hi to my two newest followers; Darcy Perry and Fred Jackson. Welcome to you both, feel free to get involved and share your thoughts.

Where do I start?

Let's start with this:

Yes, it's 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Me and my better half went to see it and I won't share any spoilers but here are a few observations:
  • It is a couple's movie (one to take your significant other to).
  • There is a lot of romantic angst.
  • Spider-man is pretty cool (he is so much better than Toby Maguire ever was or could be).
  • Gwen is a cool character.
  • Electro is very cool... he gets better and better during the film.
  • Green Goblin is very sinister... the best representation of the villain yet.
  • The Rhino is a big mechanical suit (rather than a cybernitc body suit)... so it was different.
  • The Rhino is only in the film for less than 2 minutes! 
It was an OK film but I was pretty disappointed to see so little of the Rhino. The door is very much open for a sequel. I'd say that it was a chick-flick with some decent action and nowhere near as good as the Avengers films.  

Do you like art? Sometimes I view life as art and part of life is making altered egos. One of my altered egos is a Velociraptor and when I saw a dinosaur picture on Facebook I asked the painter to paint me a picture of a Velociraptor. It will be arriving soon... here's a preview:

Click the Pic!

It's by a very talented artist called Jacob who is just five and a half years old and I think the picture is brilliant. I can't wait to hang it on my wall (I did, however, insist that he signs it first). 

OK... let's talk about Miniatures. First of all, I have been busy adding decals and varnishing lately. My Powered armour platoon is finished and if you would like to see it, and the rest of the NMA (what has been finished so far), then check out this link:

You will soon see why I have put it on the Grymn blog... but that is not all. I have been ticking along with the Squat program and have managed to get a bit more sculpted... and the Dreadnought painted:

Click the Pic!

The Squat on the left is the first spotter for my sniper unit. The other two are troopers for the first squad (currently up to five models now... the Squat with the bolter is going to be part of the command squad). I think I am likely to add some decals to the dreadnought at some point but he will do for now.

In other news... my resolve is weakening for this:

Click the Pic!

It is available from Puppet's War and has been on my radar for a long time but a reduction in price has made things worse. I am likely to get one soon to see how big it is and if it is suitable, it could be used for all sorts... watch this space.

Well, that is that!

See you from the edge of the dam!


Da Masta Cheef said...

Yes, I'm in the same boat on that APC. Especially after seeing it all painted up on Dwartist's blog...

Inso said...

My only worry is that it is quite tall... even for a human vehicle so it may look out of place in my Grymn armies... I was thinking that it would work for the Powered Armour though.

I plan on getting one to see what it looks like in hand and then if it is too big, my Eisenkerne troopers will get it.

It is very much a 'we'll see' item...

Mike Strefford said...

Did you realise that the spiderman films are a planned series of 4 films? leading up to a sinister six faceoff. Rhino was deliberately in the end of the film to tease people for the third one :)

Inso said...

I had heard that a sinister six film was in the offing but didn't know it was a series of four films.

The thing that miffed me was that I was expecting more Rhino because it featured in all of the trailers...

...I think it was a bit of a con to use Rhino in the trailers and only show a glimpse of him in the film. I'd rather he wasn't in the trailers and surprised us at the end of the film :)

Mr Teufel said...

When I heard that Rhino effectively cameo'd I decided to give the move a miss.

Gotta love the Raptor, especially the teeth!

Maybe you could use the ABP as a double-decker? ;)