Sunday, 5 January 2014

Hmmm... a bit of a collation...

I posted on a forum the other day and someone said that they were amazed at my hobby output. I was quite surprised by this... so I have been back through the blog and have tallied up 2013's hobby output. To be honest, I am quite surprised at what I have done... but here is the list anyway:


The Goblin Judge for Goblin Aid.
The Three-Eyed, Moustachioed, Hairy Groper.


30 x Clankers (Vulkan Battlesuits with RAFM Walkers and Viktors too).
3 x DoD 2012 trophies.
2 x Mushroom Men.
5 x Velard Space Dwarfs.
1 x Dhurn (space Dwarf).
1 x Meg in Powered Armour.
5 x Pugs in Powered Armour.
2 x Mondrian Traders.
1 x Mondrian Tank.
10 x Sharclon.
5 x Grymn Judges.
5 x Superheroes.
1 x Enforcer Captain conversion.
1 x Nexus Walker.
1 x Space Dwarf (my sculpt).
1 x Grekwood (my sculpt).
4 x Reptiliad Slayers.
2 x Reptiliad Mhurni.
1 x Reptiliad Tribal Chief.
1 x Reptiliad Automaton.
1 x Reptiliad Dragon.
1 x Big Terminator.
2 x Chaos Marines.
1 x Goblin Aid Goblin (my sculpt).
1 x Christmas Goblin conversion (from my sculpt).
1 x Tunnel Fighter Ambulance conversion.
1 x Puppetswar Air Striker.
8 x Grymn in Powered Armour.
1 x Grymn in powered Armour with 15mm kit on it.
1 x Forge Father with Hammer.
1 x Diorama of Doom 2013.

So... that is over a hundred paint-jobs a couple of sculpts and countless 'half-jobs' that didn't make the list. I don't think it is too bad considering that I have had a real issue with my hobby this year.

Sheesh... it's amazing what a bit of boredom can uncover, isn't it?

See you from the thinking chair!

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cedric said...

That's an amazing output indeed