Sunday, 5 January 2014

A Grymn start to 2014

First up, welcome to Lee Morley. He's the first new follower to be welcomed this year. I hope you enjoy your stay and comment on stuff you feel the need to.

So... this is 2014. Am I going to make any resolutions? No.

I often say that I will finish this or start that and just end up getting distracted... it is just how I roll. That means that any resolutions will simply be empty gestures.

That said, I am planning to thin down my hobby stuff, reduce the money I spend on new stuff and get working on some of the backlog that has accumulated over the last twenty-plus years. I have already made a start on this so part of the plan has already come to fruition. I have also sorted out a box full of stuff I want to sell and that money will be going to a very special project that is all about getting someone home.

Reptiliad will be getting worked on. Sci fi will be getting worked on. Sculpting will be done too (with a view to getting back upto speed to complete a few commissions... again to put the money towards the special project)... so I don't plan on being idle.

Well... before I bore you any longer, here are eight painted Grymn in powered armour:

Click the Pic!

They are made up of the four that have been painted for a while (the command unit) and the second four that make up the first fire team. However, there has been a disturbance in the warp and that means that Hasslefree Miniatures has upset my plans again. Why? well, they have only gone and released these:


So I have had to buy some and that means that I have had to find a way of adding them to my squads... which I have done. That also means that the squads in the pic above are now incomplete and will be changed to include some of the weapon back-packs.

In addition to the weapon back-packs, there is a conversion kit to turn your 28mm Grymn trooper into a smaller scale mini-mecha:

Seeing as I was sent a lovely little gift of a Powered Armour Trooper body and the new arm pack from Hasslefree Miniatures, I decided it would be nice to put together a fully up-gunned mini mech to show off:

Click the Pic!

I think it would work really well as a small mech for 15mm space Dwarfs... but regardless of that, it looks cool and the weapon back-packs will be perfect for my troopers.

I think that about sums it up. Happy New Year!

See you from the flooded plains!

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Lord Siwoc said...

Really looks good mate! A nice start for the new year.