Sunday, 1 December 2013


I finished the sculpting work on my Unofficial Diorama of Doom 2013 today:

Click the Pic!

I am relatively happy with it and hope that the painting side of things elevates the bits I know I could do better. The picture doesn't show all the details but once the diorama has a coat of primer, that should change a bit.

The diorama has a few small details to add a bit of colour but all will become clear once painting begins. The main colours will be black, dark greens, dark purples and bright vivid oranges and reds. I think painting will be an 'interesting' experience; especially because everything is fixed down... but I am sure I'll manage it. I have four weeks to paint it. The last diorama was built and painted in seven days... so it should be a doddle.

In other news, I have been painting another character for the Reptiliad project. Yes, it's another slayer but it is a bit of a departure from the normal ones so hopefully, he will provide a little light relief from all the power-stone armour. 

I've started sculpting a miniature too. I can't tell you what it is because... well... I haven't decided yet! I think it will be a Dwarf but whether or not it will be humanoid or alien is anyone's guess at this time. Once I start putting the details down, everything will become clear... I hope!

This week I am on another course. This time I am doing a manufacturer's course for the Makila 1A1, gas turbine engine. I am looking forward to it... engines of this type are interesting because they have a nice mix of ideas. Free power turbine... axial and centrifugal compressor... output shaft drive... automatic governing... Mmmm :)

So... it should be a pretty stress free week.

See you from the Jurassic era!

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