Sunday, 8 December 2013

Brakes! BRAKES!!!

This week has been all about three things:

  • I had a head cold
  • I had an engine course
  • I had a party night on Friday
The head cold has been with me all week and was a complete pain for my (rather in-depth) gas turbine engine course. Not only did it hamper the course, it also hampered the evening revision...

... Fortunately I managed to scrape a pass (100%) so I was able to let my hair down on Friday night and go to the mess for the Christmas draw. An evening of socialising, singing and dancing ensued and when we finally got home it was nearly 2am.

Saturday was a write off.

Today is still going slow.

As a result of what has been going on, I have managed to partially base coat my diorama and that is about it... so nothing to see here, I am afraid.

In other news, I have taken on a very small and straightforward sculpting commission for a fellow hobbyist. Three little 20mm sculpts for a few pounds in the bank... which is nice.

Which nicely leads me on to this... LINK (be warned, it is a Frothers link). It is also an army competition that I came joint first in with my Mushroom Men:

Click the Pic!

Now this got me thinking... these Mushroom men have always fired some people's enthusiasm so I thought I'd throw it out there to see if there was anyone who would be willing to sell them if I sculpted a new batch. It appears that there are two such companies who would be willing to take them on so I have a bit of an opportunity to fire up my sculpting tools again and make a few pennies into the process. The beauty is that there is no pressure. It is just the idea at the moment and there is no contract or anything... even if when they are finished, the original offers fall through, I will still have a group of sellable miniatures ready to be sold.

Interesting times are ahead... but in the meantime, I must get back to painting my diorama!

See you from the hobby seat!


myincubliss said...

I'd probably be in the market for an ogre sized mushroom chap, I've been holding off of buying the Reaper king as it's a little cartoony for my tastes...

Inso said...

I am hoping to sculpt a big guy, some speciality types (ranging in size) and some troops that will be around human size... how it pans out will be anyone's guess!