Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Oooo... Toys on Tuesday!

It is Tuesday and today, I received a parcel from Puppets War in Poland. I had ordered some of their cool Air Strikers and some additional heads.

Well I opened the parcel and inside were lots of lovely sprues that included these:





Click all the Pix!

I haven't shown everything but it is all great... however, you may have noticed the arms being a problem. Unfortunately, I was only sent enough arms for five troops and then a sprue without left arms to go with the right ones. I now have the opportunity to try out Puppets War's customer service. Apart from that little glitch, I was sent extra heads as a bonus and the casting is crisp and pretty bubble free so I am very happy with my purchase. The flight packs are fantastic and they will be perfect for adding to Grymn in Powered armour. 

You may have noticed a metal miniature in the pix for scale purposes. He is from Heresy Miniatures.

Now... let's see how Puppets War deals with customer order corrections...

I'll keep you posted.

See you from atop a wild and dangerous beach-ball!

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