Sunday, 29 September 2013

Bumper Sunday... the second.

In the second post for today's Bumper Sunday, I will be talking about the past.

A few years ago, I decided that I was going to convert a few of the old style plastic GW terminators (the ones that came attached to a single sprue and you had limited options for them) into 'true-scale' power-armoured marines... and that is what I did. I converted a terminator into a chaos lord in powered armour and it looked like this:

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Well, I posted a pic or two and I got a request to sculpt one for a guy in the USA... which I did and he loved it... but that distraction was enough for me to put the conversion project on hold for a while. However, when I got back to it, I thought I'd convert a terminator or two... which led to this:

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Then a few years passed but finally a chance discovery during a sort out meant that I found the big terminator with the servo arm and I started painting him. Well, finally, he is finished and here he is:

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Since I finished him, I thought about how he will fit into the little group I have planned and that led me to the conclusion that the Demon Prince needed a base change so I have removed the Catachan from the base, repainted it and varnished everything (it was painted with gloss varnish!). Here is the finished item:

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Of course... I couldn't just leave it there... OH NO... so I dug out another couple of assembled/converted marines and here they all are together:

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You can see that there is a difference in size between the Terminators/Demon Prince and the standard marine on the right. This was planned to show the continuing power of corruption that chaos has. You will also notice that there are different colours. That is because this is a band of renegades so expect them all to be different colours with the only unifying mark being the 'three claw' mark on a shoulder pad that shows them to be Dire Wolves.

Whew! What a lot of stuff today!

In other news... I just bought a copy of White Dwarf on a whim! I am a lost soul indeed!

See you from the safety of a pentagram!

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