Sunday, 21 July 2013

Pacific Rim.

I went to see Pacific Rim at the cinema today. I saw the 2D version so I can't comment on the 3D effects.

Without any spoilers, the film was exactly as I expected it to be BUT was really more polished than hoped.

It is a film about Giant Robots (Jaegers) fighting Giant Monsters (Kaiju). The Kaiju attack cities and the Jaegers protect them... that is the story.

What makes this film a bit more interesting (even though it is utterly predictable) is how the crews integrate with each other and their machines. In my mind, it takes it above the B-movie status the film should have had.

Every plot twist is predictable. Every possible cliché from many, MANY films is in there but in enjoyment terms... it's awesome... it's Giant Robots fighting Giant Monsters!

I thoroughly enjoyed the film and would recommend that anyone who wants to go and see the film should leave their 'critic' head behind and be realistic about what to expect. If you do that, you will LOVE the film. If you want to find interesting plot shifts and lots of characterisation... you'll be disappointed.

This film is a bit like Avatar. Avatar was awesome but it was the overall spectacle and easy going nature of the film that made it great... not the rather weak plot. Pacific Rim is just like that... a spectacle that hits you in the face like a giant, acid-spitting Kaiju and doesn't stop until the end of the film. You don't need to think about how it will go... it is predictable... so you can just enjoy the ride.

I loved the film and so did my wife and daughter. That makes it worth every penny in my books.

See you from the maroon chair!

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Dan O. said...

Had a great time because it's a big, loud, dumb, and action-packed movie, but it always stays fun and that's what mattered. Nice review Inso.