Sunday, 21 July 2013

A week of perspiration.

I have never been a fan of the heat but travelling to places like Iraq, Kenya and Kuwait has taught me that I CAN function in warmer countries because of the arid nature of the heat. It isn't the heat that slows me down it is the humidity... and low and behold, that is British heat for you.

I would dearly have loved to get some proper painting in this week but the humidity has made it impossible. It is all down to sweaty hands and paint drying too quickly. Every time I pick a miniature up to paint, I am leaving sweaty finger prints around the base and it is making them difficult to hold (especially with the rounded edges of Warmachine bases).

So I decided the only chance I had of getting anything done was to hire a paint monkey...

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But for what I paid him, he was a disappointment... and only half base-coated a Space Dwarf. That left me with the only option available... prep & prime. Here is what I have on my work bench at the moment:

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In it, you will see a little progress on the Dragon, a base-coated Mhurni, two Dwarf slayer novices, two Human slayer novices and a Human slayer. It isn't a lot to show off but it is definitely progress.

In other news, I went to a work BBQ with my daughter and managed to get a lovely sunburnt head... but we had a good afternoon with friends and colleagues (and my daughter got to see what a work function was like). I managed to catch up with all of my work projects so I will be able to have a two week holiday very soon (I CAN'T WAIT!!!!)... I plan to take my laptop and get some writing done for the Reptiliad project.

Did anyone mention getting things cast? No? Are you sure? Oooohhhh... it was me! Yes, it looks like getting my sculpts cast is the thing of this week because the goblin I sculpted for Goblin Aid is being mastered and should be ready for sale in around ten days from Ral Partha Europe. I also have another sculpt which I sent over to Carl at Grekwood Miniatures that has also been mastered and I should have some copies to show off soon. the final miniature will be up for sale in the next couple of months (possibly) but is destined for the Grekwood Miniatures shop at some point. I am really happy about this.

A Tribute.

This week marked the second anniversary of Gareth 'Grekwood' Sutherwood's passing. As much as I was saddened by this, I was also uplifted as I looked back at some of the things that have gone on since he left his family and our community. He obviously made a huge impact because his birthday is always remembered on the FoD and the various other forums he visited. Everyone speaks fondly of him and always mentions his thirst for life and his cheerful enthusiasm (not to mention bananas... lots and lots of bananas). His brother has built up an internet business and was inspired enough to start sculpting miniatures and selling them, along with his brother's work... this has branched out to other manufacturer's products. I was moved to sculpt a miniature as a tribute to him and so was Kev White over at Hasslefree Miniatures and painted versions are now at home with the Sutherwoods. Andy Foster at Heresy Miniatures named the armour that his Sharclons wear 'KERG' armour... I wonder why? Various charitable donations have occurred and various charity auctions have happened to raise money to research the disease that caused Gareth's untimely demise.

So... from someone I never met who became a friend, so much good has happened.

A fitting tribute to a life so cruelly cut short.

RIP Gareth 'Grekwood' Sutherwood.

See you from a humble place!

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