Sunday, 14 July 2013

A varied week.

Another Sunday has arrived and it is another gloriously sunny day.

It has been a really busy week at work and the amount of computer work I've been doing has meant tired eyes so I have not really painted too much.

The bases arrived from Fenris Games and they are perfect for the job so this week has mostly been about getting the dragon based and primed. Here is the Dragon on it's new base:

Click the Pic!

You will notice that I have cunningly concealed the face of the statue with rocks and have added texture and a more natural look to the base as a whole... and before anyone says anything, he was never going to be red. He is at the very earliest of base-coat stages so the colours and look will change immensely by the time he is finished.

In other news... I have a few little miniatures to show off. These are the first of the Dragon Slayers and at some point soon they will get a write up over at the Reptiliad blog... but that isn't the place for WIP or miniature pix (without a little scenery) so here are the pix:

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Most are from Privateer Press, bought from Wayland Games but the human is from Hasslefree Miniatures. These signify the end of my Muse-drought.

I was in town yesterday and saw that Modelzone was closing down so I was forced into a decision to buy the Merlin I was eventually planning to get. With £11-40 off, I couldn't really say no... so here it is:

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I put the pen on the box to show how big it is. The kit will be packed away for a later time when I can focus on doing a proper job on it. It will be getting the following look:

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Do you remember Goblin Aid? Well the first batch of casts are available to buy now so get over to Ral Partha Europe and buy the Historical Pack now.

Finally, while I was in town I also met my regular Big Issue seller, Al. He was in fine spirits and was enjoying the sunshine. He is back on his meds so he was feeling on top of the world (even though he has terminal bone-cancer). The cancer spread had slowed, which means he has more time now but it was really good to see him up and about instead of hunched under a blanket. 

It makes you think of the important things in life.

So continuing the theme of important things, my lovely wife is off racing for life today so I'm thinking pink and hoping that everything goes well.

See you from behind the kaleidoscopic eye of a fly!


Lord Siwoc said...

Looking forward to the chopper project!

Never thought of using those rulic dwarf as dragon hunters, they look perfect for it!

Inso said...

The chopper project will be a very long way off. It will be going in the loft for a few years... it's a big undertaking and when I do it, I want to do it right.