Friday, 26 July 2013

Goblin Aid news... amongst other things.

The Modern Goblins that were sculpted for Goblin Aid are now available from Ral Partha Europe. The latest release includes my Judge Gobbo sculpt amongst others so get along and spend:

Click the Pic!

Obviously, I am rather chuffed to see another of my sculpts being cast up BUT that wasn't the reason I sculpted it... I did it to help out a fellow sculptor so make sure you pop along and support the effort.

In other news, Miniature Heroes has a bunch of pre-orders up for the new Reaper Bones miniatures. They are for Chronoscope, Dark Heaven Legends and Pathfinder. There is also news of a new range being available on the site; Kabuki Models

Finally, I have received some master castings of my Space Dwarf sculpt that I did a while ago:

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Here is one of the casts after being based and primed:

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At the moment, it has just been mastered but hopefully, in a few months, it should be available from Grekwood Miniatures so keep an eye on the site.

Well... that's it for now.

See you from a bright and shiny place!

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