Sunday, 28 July 2013

A small amount of paint.

The weather has been a tiny bit kinder to me this week and I have managed to slap a bit of paint on a few things... BUT I did have a bit of a mishap that could have been a lot more troublesome than it ended up being.

I have a single bottle of game colour (white) and I made the mistake of gently squeezing the bottle when it was a little blocked. This resulted in a little spitty volcano of white flying all over the place INCLUDING on to some of the miniatures on my work table. Fortunately, the only really problematic one is one of my Mantic dwarfs... but I am sure I can fix it.

So what have I been painting? Well, I am currently tidying up the first Mhurni for the Reptiliad project and will be looking to have the wash applied later today. I have also been painting my space Dwarf... and here he is:

Click the Pic!

It is a fairly utilitarian paint job but he looks OK. You can get a good idea of how big he is too.

In addition to that, it has mostly been a case of squeezing in an odd moment to continue with base coating on the other miniatures on the table while the temperature is OK... which sadly hasn't been nearly often enough.

In other news, my Reaper order from Miniature Heroes has arrived and as well as a bunch of Goblins, I have also got a rather beautiful Silver Dragon too. Now I was planning to get straight on with the Goblins but I don't have the correct bases so I have put in a small order from Fenris Games to get some of their round lipped, 25mm, deep recess, resin bases. That should be perfect for my purposes. I won't be working on the Silver Dragon for the time being because I have a lot on the go already.

This week, I have been busy at work but have also had the opportunity to let my hair down at the annual families day. There was an air show with stalls and a fun fair in addition to an evening of entertainment in the form of a disco and band. A good day was had by all and it was nice to spend a little time with both of my children (even though my lad went his own way after a while). As well as the families day, I have now put my name down for the Battle of Britain Formal dinner so me and my wife get to dress up again in September. It should be a great night.

Have you ever been to a school reunion? Well I haven't. However, I will be this year in November. I'm not really sure whether it is a good idea or not but now I've said I'll go... that's what I'll do. God help them all, that is all I'll say!

Finally... I am on holiday for two weeks. The first week I am at home and will be doing my own thing so I hope to get some painting, creating and writing done. The second week I am going of the radar and will be away but I will be taking my lap top to get some more writing done. It should be a great opportunity to unwind in the most wonderful of country settings. As a result, next Sunday will have no blog update as I won't have internet.

That, as they say, is that.

See you from the back of the bus where all the cool people sit!

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