Friday, 2 August 2013

Pre-Sunday update.

Before I start rambling on, I'd like to welcome Grigork to Inso's World. Welcome aboard and feel free to make comments and find inspiration for use in your own projects.

So, I will be without internet for a week or so and as a result, this is Sunday's blog update.

To start, I have been painting in amongst all the insane heat and have managed to actually finish a couple of things... which is nice. First up, we have a Mhurni alchemist on his Enuk riding beast (from Twilight Miniatures):

Click the Pic!

I'll admit that it isn't the best photograph but when I get a few more Reptiliad miniatures painted up, there SHOULD be some interesting pix to show off so hopefully, there will be much better pix when that happens. 

Next up, we have a painted version of the Goblin Aid sculpt I did (available here). I have decided on a paint scheme that is a little more generic than a lot of the paint-schemes I am expecting to see but I still think he looks the business:

Click the Pic!

In other news, I have a primed Mhurni soldier on the table along with all the other bits and bobs so I expect him to be painted soon (assuming I don't get any more miniature related distractions). Talking of miniature distractions, I have been quite taken lately, with a European company called Puppets War. There are two things that I particularly like... first is this:

I think that they would be excellent for adding to some Grymn Powered Armour to make up a hard hitting assault squad. Next is this:

Two variants of the same suit... both being very cool indeed. Unfortunately, the heavy armour is not yet available but when it does turn up, I'll be ordering a couple and some of the jump packs at the same time.

Well... I have a week or so where I won't have much to do so I am planning on a little bit of writing for the Reptiliad blog. Whether or not I manage it, only time will tell but hopefully, something will turn up.

That, as they say, is that.

See you from the edge of the dark, dark, forest!

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