Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sunny Sunday.

It has been an interesting week. A lot of things have sorted themselves out and I have actually managed to start doing some painting.

First of all, I got hold of Andy at Heresy miniatures and he sent me an order of Sharclon that I had sort of arranged to pick up at Salute but then didn't... and then got forgotten so Andy shipped them immediately and I painted them up pronto. Here they are with the other five:

Click the Pic!

In addition to that small amount of painting, I have been tidying up and getting rid of some stuff so I had to nip into town to post a lot of little parcels and while I was there, I had a nice coffee and bought a book of cat poems to read (by T.S.Elliot, no less). The beauty of it all was that I had to take the bus in (because my name isn't on the insurance for the courtesy car we currently have) and it inspired me to write a little poem:

I woke up this morning and thought 'oh what fun',
I'll go for a wonderful walk in the sun.
Then I thought 'it is blowy', I'll save all the fuss.
And instead, take a trip into town, on the bus.
So that's what I did, and I'm so glad to say,
That a bus trip to town's a good start to the day.
A hot cup of coffee, watching people go by.
Doing sudoku and feeling time fly.
A trip to post parcels and to buy a few things,
A mystery item, to liven up things.
Then it's back to the stop and to save any fuss.
I cheerfully travel, back home on the bus.

When I returned home, I started to think about stuff to paint... when another parcel arrived from Heresy Miniatures with more Sharclon inside. Now I thought that if I ploughed into these, it may mess up my current painting ability so I thought about other stuff... and found this to paint:

Click the Pic!

It is a small walker from the Kryomek range (from Scotia Grendel). It is one of those miniatures that I bought in a fit of nostalgia because I originally bought one in the eighties but it long since got lost so I felt the need to replace it. It is just something random to paint and speaking of random, apart from the sculpting and normal painting I have on the table, I now have a partially painted, converted, Enforcer captain from Mantic Games and a Sasquatch from Reaper Miniatures waiting for some putty to dry before I can prime it.

Kick Starters are all the rage and as I mentioned in my last post, I am on board with a few at the moment. 

First up is Warzone Resurrection which has now finished. I am now waiting for three Vulkan Battlesuits with additional close combat weapons to be sent out in June/July/August. I plan to use them as support for my Dreamforge Games troopers.

Next comes Crossfire Miniatures which is still running at the moment. I have pledged enough to get the five heroes that will be produced. It is likely to stay that way unless something truly awesome jumps up and demands my attention.

Finally, we have Deadzone from Mantic Games. This one is due to finish very soon and has got my undivided attention. I have pledged enough (so far) to get a starter faction (Rebs) and a $50 booster (which will be two boosters of my choice because it is buy one, get one free). I plan on getting a Forgefather booster (which contains Dwarf Bikers!) and possibly the Rebs booster. Alternatively, I may go for the $50 faction starter for the Forgefathers and Asterians... Hmmm... decisions, decisions.

I just hope I can get my mojo to build up to a state where I can actually paint all of this (or even a small amount of it).

See you from a point of introspection!


Mr Teufel said...

I'm with Deadzone for just the Rebs; the aliens look cool. I've no use for them myself, but await your painting of the Forgefather Bikers with interest!

I've got the same level pledge for Crossover that you have, probably for the same reason: Mooks are boring.

Inso said...

To be honest, the supers in the Crossover kickstarter are not as good as the last ones were but it's a small company so worth giving them a leg up.

The Rebs are truly brilliant so I had to go for those. The Forgeguard are great but it is the heavy armoured ones I am looking froward too way more than the bikes...