Sunday, 26 May 2013

Can the Sharclon save the day?

It is Sunday and the sun is shining brightly. The sound of a lawn-mower fills the air; as do the squeaks of children playing.

It is a beautiful day and I am sat inside typing... maybe I should go outside and enjoy the sun...

So, this week has been another dry week for my hobby. I have not picked up a brush or any sculpting tools. I seem to have lost my mojo. What usually happens during these times is that I take stock and also spend a lot of time on-line so that is what I have found myself doing.

On my travels, I have checked the various forums and where I can help with what is required, I have been reducing my miniature/component stash and sending it out (sometimes for money, other times just because I can). I have managed to build up a small amount of funds in my Pay-pal account so I will be able to put that towards stuff I want rather than having a load of stuff cluttering up my valuable hobby space.

I have also been bidding on E-bay again and have managed to get hold of another 1/60 scale Scopedog, Red-Shoulder Custom so I am quite pleased with that. I also received my order from Heresy that I should have collected at Salute but it got forgotten about so Andy sent it over at the speed of light once I told him I'd forgotten it... so I have some Sharclon on the table and, as a result of the only hobby stuff I have done this week, they are cleaned and assembled ready for the gaps to be filled and the bases to be green-stuffed.

Kick Starters have been on my mind this week and I have pledged for two and was very tempted by a third.

The one I didn't pledge on was the Macross board-game. I really wanted to but the entry level to get any miniatures was $80.00 and I would have wanted to add more to get the extra add-on miniatures... and I just couldn't afford to do it.

The two I did pledge on are the latest Crossover superhero one and the latest Mantic Kick starter, Deadzone. There will be more news on those later.

On a completely different subject, Charmmy has been to the vets and is now fitted with a micro-chip. She was spayed while she was there so we have the prospect of the 10 days being filled with the fun of a cat who wants to go out but can't. Hmmm...

See you from the road less travelled.

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