Sunday, 16 June 2013

Revolving doors.

I remember when I was 13, one of my friends showed me a small selection of 15mm Traveller miniatures and was raving about how cool they were. As time went by, I was introduced to MERP, Bushido, D&D, Judge Dredd and Golden Heroes (we played a lot of this) before finally succumbing to the lure of WH40K.

I've been in 'the hobby' ever since... 29 years or so and do you know what? I look at my horde and I am starting to realise just how much time, effort, money and space it takes up.

My living room looks like a second hand game shop or some sort of model making workshop. My loft is filled with old kits/miniatures/gaming paraphernalia, my computer is filled with photographs and files relating to miniatures and gaming, my bedroom has cases filled with miniatures in it and it has all suddenly become so noticeable.

I think that is why I have become so disinterested in the whole thing. I am fed up with being reminded of the clutter of it all and have finally reached a point where I am seriously thinking of getting rid of everything.

I am not going to rush into things... after 29 years it would be unfair to just round it all up in a bag and dump it but I am seriously considering a life without my hobby.

Obviously, my sculpting would continue (maybe having fewer distractions may help me focus a little better... well... help me focus at all would be a good start) but it is very likely that I will be putting E-Bay to good use pretty soon.


I expect this is going to be a lot like giving up smoking.

See you from a point in time and space!


Mr Teufel said...

Well, as long as you're sculpting I hope we'll still see you on FoD and Frothers?

Hmm... maybe it's the Grymn that should go; they're the ones that always start you haring off to start yet another army. Them and the giant robots. The others you just dabble in, afaict.

Simon Q said...

Thats a tough decision to make I do know what you mean though. Perhaps if some of it 'has' to go then perhaps once you've had a clear out of old projects maybe you'll better.

I got rid of my old LOTR stuff to invest in the Requiem KS and it was quite liberating.

Lord Siwoc said...

Hey mate, maybe try to do a clean up. Get rid of a lot of the old stuff that just sits there. It could get a few pennies back to you.

Then you could get more space in general and be able to focus on sculpting.

Darren Pugh said...

Put it all away, go on holiday, play with the kids, read a book... Get away from it for a bit.
The mojo will return, it always does ;)
Just enjoy a sabbatical
Best wishes


Brandlin said...


i forbid it!

keep me in mind for your grymn/oldcrow stuff if you do do the unthinkable...

David Wood said...

It's happening to me as well......time to invest in a bunch of plastic storage containers - putting stuff away in a tidy fashion works wonder for the hobby mojo...for me at least...cover stuff with a large blanket etc - simple but effective then take a break. DON'T do anything rash or in 10 years time you will be scouring forums for it all again....... :)

Kurt Cooks said...

I love blogs that say it so simply. I really could understand it so well because it was so basic. Keep up the great yet simple blogs.

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David Clough said...

Amen to that, brother.

I've been painting and collecting figures almost as long as you (since the early eighties) and what I find is that I go through phases of 'leaving' the hobby and coming back to it.

In the 80's I accumulated about 200 or so unpainted figures and sold them all to a collector. In the late 90's I started collecting larger scale garage kits and again sold about half my collection during a time I hadn't picked up a brush for about 8 years.

Last year I weeded out a big chunk of my older kits and sold them to buy new ones (they were rare but just not as well sculpted as the newer stuff.

At the moment I'm back into modelling again but I may well - if I live that long - lose interest again. It happens

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