Friday, 21 June 2013

A man walked into a bar...

That's how a lot of the best (or worst) jokes start but generally, you know what to expect when you hear it.

Sometimes in life we spread ourselves quite thin and don't realise it until it all catches up with us. I have reached such a time so am shelving the hobby for now until I can decide what needs to be done. If it means starting afresh with something new or continuing where I left off in a few months, then that's what I'll do but for now... my own hobby projects on this blog will disappear.

There may well be links/pics/ideas for things of a hobby nature but there won't be any physical hobby stuff from me.

So where does the blog stand now?

Well Inso's World has always been about hobby stuff with life thrown into the mix (amongst other things) so there should still be music, poetry, stories, news, comments on life and all that sort of stuff.

I have also bought into some kickstarters and will likely still buy the odd thing that takes my fancy... so just because I am not painting/model-making, it doesn't mean I wont have stuff to talk about.

You never know, I may even write a few reviews or put some rules up.

Well there you have it.

It is likely that updates will reduce until I find my feet again so don't be too surprised if there are a few Sundays without post... it is boring enough for me WRITING about nothing so I am sure it is as boring for you READING about nothing.

Stay tuned... this thing ain't over yet.

See you from the distance!


Sean Fulton said...

Best wishes as you continue your journey, Inso! I look forward to reading your non mini thoughts as well :)

Andres said...

It's weird to see you go... specially with the huge amount of dwarfs and sculpts you made... as a reader one gets an absurd feeling of entitlement over this kind of things, it's almost like I'm seeing go someone I've known for years... and in some way I do, I've always checked my RSS feed on sundays to see what tou posted and I clearly remember spending an hour or so playing with your fish while I was waiting for an important e-mail and I wasn't able to go home until I get it...

Good luck in whatever you have planned and remember to do something to relax :P

Stephen said...

We all go through periods of introspection. Hope everything settles down and you find a happy balance again.