Saturday, 29 June 2013

Breaking traditions.

It is Saturday but this is Sunday's post.


Well batten down the hatches because things are a bout to get very un-Inso like around here.


There's fantasy afoot.

Once upon a time, I saw a dragon and it was the Reaper Pathfinder Red Dragon. Here is a particularly lovely one painted by my friend Gi6ers from the FoD:

Click the Pic!

Well... to cut a long story short, I have been writing a bit of background about a fantasy land filled with dragons and a few other races, in order to try and put some of my existing miniatures to use (even if it is just to act as illustration for the story). This has led me to think about what fantasy miniatures I have and the most obvious ones are my World of Twilight miniatures and my Hasslefree Dwarfs... so they have been woven into the story along with the dragons and some goblins.

Now... me being the obsessive person that I am and irrespective of how I am currently feeling about the hobby, I have gone and bought a Red Dragon from the very helpful Tim over at Miniature Heroes and will be placing an order for a selection of their fine Mirliton Dragons very soon. I also plan to use their facility for ordering Reaper miniatures to get a few goblins.

Whether or not I'll actually summon the enthusiasm to paint them will be a completely different matter but I am trying my hardest to 'throw my muse a bone' and am hoping that the complete change in direction will help matters.

One thing I can say is that packing away almost all of my sci-fi stuff and taking a break from the hobby has really improved my mood so you never know, it may just be a short break that leads to some different and unexpected things from me.

More information about the Land of Dragons will be coming soon so please stay tuned... it should be quite an interesting diversion.

See you from the start of the race!

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