Monday, 24 June 2013

A little bit of compassion.

As you may remember, a friend of mine knew someone who needed specialist anti-cancer treatment in the USA and was raising funds through 'Go Fund Me'. That was a year ago and she is currently doing fantastically well and looking forward to the next trip over to the same US clinic to (hopefully) get the all clear. It is a great story and it was really heart warming to see a pale shadow of a young lady become pink and healthy again... with a head of her own hair and a smile to match her health.

Well... time moves on and as a result of finding out a bit about proton therapy, I have discovered there are so many other people who could benefit from the same treatment that need a helping hand to get there and Handsome Henry is one little lad who could really do with a helping hand.

Here's the link:

Please take the time to check out the link and read about his plight. If you donate or not, it is up to you.

Handsome Henry.

See you from the end of a rainbow!

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