Sunday, 30 June 2013

Thar be Dragons!

I am obviously quite mad but I have been buying stuff again... even if I am trying to thin down my hoard. It doesn't help that I am in no mood to actually work on things and that even if I was, I need to get all of the items I need so that I can judge scale prior to deciding on what colours I may eventually decide to paint them.

That all said, Miniature Heroes is now the proud owner of a bunch of my hard earned and I am waiting for the following dragons to arrive in about 5 weeks:

First, a Black Dragon:

Next, a Green Dragon:

Then, a Blue Dragon:

Followed by, a Storm Dragon:

... and finally, my favourite of the bunch, a White Dragon:

You get bigger pix if you click on the images.

So, I am looking at about a dozen dragons of various sizes, a selection of young/hatchling dragons and a king dragon that is a bit bigger (not too much so) than the rest. They will provide the theme for my fantasy realm and will hopefully be the glue that bonds the different tribes together.

...and all this came from an advert about Reaper Bones miniatures.

The machine is in spin, even if the production line is yet to be staffed.

See you from the writer's desk!


Dan said...

Now hats cool, you will have a blast painting those, makes me feel like buying some myself.

demi_morgana said...

You shouldn't have posted that store linky. So many cool oldie undead and I've always wanted to paint that undead mammoth...

Inso said...

Miniature Heroes has an awful lot of great stuff. The best bit is that I can get Reaper miniatures from them without all of the hassle of the post office adding charges etc.

Tim is a very helpful chap as well so if you see that something is missing, he may be able to add it to the store (he checked the Mirliton site and added the White Dragon just for me :) ).

As for painting the dragons... I hope I get my muse back at some point or they will be stuck in their blisters for the time being...

demi_morgana said...

Just open the blisters and let the muse smell the fresh pewter. It will lure her into your place for sure... ;)

Andy said...

Miniature heroes! Thanks for reminding me of the name!

I've often found that painting some random stuff and packing away/clearing out old stuff does wonders for the old muse.... have fun with them!

Verna said...

This is cool!