Tuesday, 8 January 2013


I know... a second post in one day but I thought I'd share something with you... and first a bit of background.

My Dark Forgefathers are made up of a selection of Warpath, Dreadball and Kings of War minis and as a result, I needed to get some extra round bases to make them all unified. That meant a small order to Mantic so in order to pad it out a bit I ordered some extra Dragarim weapons and an Enforcer Champion.

I bought the Enforcer because I thought that, with a bit of chopping, he would make a great exo-armoured Dark Forgefather general. With that in mind, the order went in and I patiently waited but imagine my surprise when the order turned up and I checked the size of the Enforcer Champion:

Click the Pic!

Quite frankly... he's MASSIVE!

That means two things:
  • He is too big for the Forgefather conversion that I planned
  • He will make a good super-sized, superhero to go with my existing collection
I have often said that a plan never survives contact with the enemy and this little example proves it... but if you adapt your plans, you can end up with a good outcome, even if it wasn't what you were originally hoping for.

It's funny, this life.

See you from the back of the auditorium!


Mr Teufel said...

He has a sort of Iron Man/Juggernaut air to him.

Inso said...

I thought Ironman too... in his Hulk buster armour.

I was sad that he was so big... he would have made a great exo-Dwarf :(