Tuesday, 8 January 2013

It's Chaos here!

Well... not entirely BUT after 45 days, a lost parcel and a replacement... the Hellbrute has arrived. I have partially assembled it; ready for the conversion work to start and here is a 'start' pic to prove that he is finally with me:

Click the pic!

He will end up as a Khorne Daemon Prince with axe of something or other, powered armour and a means of flight (probably a jump pack). The head in the picture is only there to plug the hole and will be completely covered by the time I have finished. The plan is to bulk his legs out a bit, give him a Daemonic head, replace his right arm with one holding an axe, replace his other hand, add a jump-pack and armour him up suitably to reduce the amount of dreadnought that can be seen (although he will still be part dreadnought when he is finished, I want to tone it down a bit). 

This will be a slow time project that will have to fit ion with other things so expect updates as and when they appear.

He will definitely be fun to convert.

See you from the eye of the storm!

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Simon Q said...

Like the sound of the plans so far.