Tuesday, 1 January 2013


It would appear that the year has changed... it is now 2013.

Happy New Year to all who are reading this... and to those who aren't; BUMS!!! ;)

With a lot of purpose, I began to prep my Vulkan Battlesuits ready for the transformation into Clankers to begin and I have managed to do all of the cleaning with just the hatches to sand down before the next stage can begin. The next stage is converting the heads to have an enclosed helmet and that will be tomorrow's task (I'll finish cleaning up the hatches tonight). One thing I noticed was that the Vulkans are made of different types of metal (some have more lead in than others) so some were harder to clean up than others... but they are all nearly finished so it can't be bad.

I have also been plodding along with my Dark Forgefathers and have finished a third CE-AT:

Click the Pic!

I have started on the next one so although progress is slow... there is progress.

Here's a scale pic for those who are interested:

Click the Pic!

In other news I have started the ball rolling on my 'expensive purchase of the year'... I have asked Sally at Hasslefree Miniatures about purchasing 14 Grymn Walkers. This is something that has been on the boil since the Grymn Walker was first released (early last year) and I have been milling over how I was going to deal with the process of painting an armoured squadron. I finally decided that I would prefer to get a production line going so having them all together would be the first step which means getting Hasslefree to cast me a batch (it is doubtful that 14 walkers would be 'off the shelf'). Now I am awaiting a date for them to be cast... more news on the project will surface nearer the time but it is something that will hopefully get my Grymn Urban Army back into production.

2013 will be an interesting ride.

See you from the branch of a tall oak tree!


Simon Q said...

Happy New Year, Love the DarkFathers they are coming along nicely.

14 Walkers wowsers what a squadron that will be.

Phil Curran said...

Crikey time to break out the airbrush

Inso said...

I don't have one but I will be spray priming/undercoating though :)