Thursday, 3 January 2013

Oh the worry...

The Pog is at the vets. He is being neutered today and while he's at it he's getting a chip put in and his nails clipped if they need it.

I am obviously supremely calm about it all... not. He's only a little Pog :( .

Good luck Pog and I hope that:

  • You get back to fitness very soon
  • You are still the same temperament (apart from trying to mount the other cats)
  • You forgive me for ruining your masculinity

To take my mind off things I have started to assemble Clankers and have so far put the legs on four bodies and stuck them securely to their base with pins and putty. This bit is the most awkward, boring and time consuming bit so I will be glad when it is all over; then I can start converting the heads and adding the arms/packs. As I have mentioned before, the unit consists of eight standard Clankers, a leader version and a comms robot. The Standard ones are all the same (except I have converted two to have special weapons already) but the leader and comms robot are different. The difficult ones are the standard ones because they have quite fragile leg joints until they are firmly secured to their base but I only have four more to get to that stage before I move on to the not so fragile ones.

In other news, the pictures of powered armour Grymn will be appearing HERE later (it's a Facebook link, so don't click if you don't do Facebook). According to Sally, there is quite a variety of bits and bobs so it will be worth taking a peek at.

##EDIT## Here are some examples of what has been put up on the facebook page:

Click the Pix!

I'll give a Pog update later.

##EDIT## The Pog is fine and is going to be collected imminently.

See you from the desk of the Clanker production manager!


Simon Q said...

Good Luck Pog!! I'm sure he'll be fine. All our male cats have been neutered in the past and haven't changed a bit personality wise.

Inso said...

I must admit that previous cats I've had haven't changed either... but I have always worried about it.

I will be happier when the Pog is back at home... just me being soppy.