Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sweep and clean...

This week has been one of tidying up loose ends at home and at work. There has been a lot of shifting, moving and binning things and it seemed to extend to my home and the need to put Christmas decorations up.

I have been tidying up my hobby areas and still have a lot to go but things are slowly improving... but you don't want to hear about housework so I will start the post proper with a welcome. Welcome to Schrumpfkopf, the latest follower at Inso's World. Please feel free to share thoughts and ideas and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Well, first up is another superhero. This one is called Stockade and he has joined Beamer and Matterhorn:

Click the Pic!

Next is the tale of an early wake up call. Saturday, I awoke suddenly with the thought of the size discrepancy of Mantic's Forgefather miniatures. The plastics are bigger than the resin miniatures so I decided to just use the plastic ones which meant I could now paint some. I wanted to make them baddies so I kept their kit dark and their faces bleached. This is the first five:

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I have just realised that the beards need a slight addition but I am happy with the way they turned out. I hope you do as well.

In other news, my Hellbrute still hasn't turned up but I am hopefull it will arrive this week. 

I have been asked to sculpt a Thor miniature. It will be a likeness of the Thor from the latest Avengers movie so it will be the newest super-version. It looks like a Loki will be following soon after too... but at the moment, there is no wire on the corks.

One week to go before I start my infeasibly long Christmas holiday. I will need to keep busy so it is likely that the hobby progress should i,prove dramatically.

Here's hoping.

See you from the bus queue!


Mr Teufel said...

I really like what you've done with the dwarves. Much better than the official colours Mantic use!

Inso said...

Cheers :).

I wanted to move away from the fantasy Dwarf image that Mantic seem to be touting so I went for dark colours and I think it suits them better too.