Friday, 21 December 2012

I'm still here...AGAIN.

I guess the 11.13AM and 09:00PM deadlines for oblivion have now passed and I am still kicking so here are a few bits and bobs. First up, I have got a bit further on my UDoD:

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Mystic Mike and Bernard Foxbain are now finished. Just Spiky Pete and a little bit of tinkering to go now. I have to be strict on myself now because this turned up today and although I took time out to assemble it, I have to get other things finished before I take it passed the primer stage:

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I have nick-named him Big Frank and he will be joining the berserker squad but I will finish the UDoD and last three berserks before he sees much paint.

The Pog is growing fast. He has already got to the stroppy teenager stage:

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Henry is really starting to look like a cat now... he is eating us out of house and home and has had a massive growth spurt... but he is still my little Pog :).

See you from the deck-chair on the golden sands of Alpha Centauri!

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Brummie said...

Lots of cool stuff to come then. Nice wip off the Udod. Pog is certainly growing fast.