Friday, 21 December 2012

I'm still here!

I am looking forward to the Apocalypse a bit later on. Either way... it will be a non-event.

If it is the end of the world then it shouldn't take long and hopefully won't hurt too much and if it isn't, it will be life as usual... go about your business.

The Apocalypse would be a leveller, wouldn't it? Everyone's life's works gone.  All of those achievements washed away. What price nuclear power, genetic modification, penicillin, the Hubble telescope etc. when it is all wiped out by fire and brimstone? What price charity, love, intellect, evil when in an instant, it is incinerated?

It would be like we never existed.

But if it doesn't happen, will we do anything different? Will 'dodging the bullet' make us better people? I very much doubt it. I think it will be life as usual. Why react in any way to something that, to be frank, is as unbelievable as those people who think it is a good idea to go on the Jeremy Kyle show.

On the plus side... if the apocalypse does turn up today, at least I won't have to worry about my headache any more.

Here's a pic:

Click the Pic!

The pic shows a second berserker and the first one with darker armour (a second wash of Devlan Mud to tone down the brightness a bit).

Only three more to go.

See you from the bubbling lava!

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