Thursday, 20 December 2012

Ho, Ho, Hummus?

One of the things that has been a revelation to me this year is... hummus.

I went into a Armenian cafe and decided to try a Mezzeh (I'm not sure of the spelling). I asked the guy behind the counter what each dish tasted of and he suggested that he provide a dish of each item so that we (as a family) could try everything. Brilliant, I thought. Well, lots of dishes appeared with spiced lamb, onion bhajis, coated chicken, various salad items, spiced beef... and hummus.

I have never had hummus before and let's face it 'chickpea dip' doesn't sound very appetising but I tried it and it instantly became one of my favourite foods.

Now, you can buy it in pots from the supermarket but I decided to try to make some myself. I am a reasonable cook so I didn't think it would be a problem so I started soaking some chickpeas and assembled all my ingredients for the next day. Bear in mind that I am not familiar with using chickpeas... hence, I ended up with a kilogram of nicely soaked chickpeas.

I thought I'd skin half and leave the rest so that I could try two different textures. After cooking and assembling, I now have two bowls full of hummus. Unfortunately, it doesn't taste like the hummus I had at the cafe but it tastes OK in a 'health food' sort of way. What I will be doing is experimenting with the paste I have created and will be adding different flavours to see if I can zaz it up a bit. It certainly hasn't been a waste of time and I reckon I can freeze some of it for later (there is no WAY I could eat all that before it dies). I have tried mayonnaise with it and it works well... as does yoghurt but I am going to try some Worcester sauce and maybe a little mustard and cream... it really is funny what you do when you are on your own!

Oh, go on then... here is what I have also been working on:

Click the Pic!

As you can see, I have finished another five basic Forgefathers and have painted a test-scheme for the berserker. I am not keen on the lighter shade of armour so the next one will have the same colour as the basic troops. I have painted the skin green to represent the chemicals coursing through his body... and seeing as he looks a bit 'Hulk'-like, I painted his tabard purple. He is armed with a heat-hammer so I painted it to look hot.

I have painted a little bit on the diorama miniatures but not enough to show off... maybe later.

See you from the starting blocks!


Brummie said...

Hummus hmm tried it not my thing. the Forgefathers are coming along nicely liking that hammer

Andres said...

Hummus is wonderful. We have a large palestinian colony down here so that's where I get my hummus fix. Tasty. Great with falafels too.