Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sunday... again.

Before I start today's post, I'd like to welcome Stephen to Inso's World. I hope you enjoy your stay and take away something from your visit. Please feel free to comment and share the wealth.

So what has happened this week? Well... I have had another sleepless week so things have been pretty slow again. That said, I have been able to knock together a few body guards for Octu... and here they are:

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You can probably see that the pix look more naturally coloured than usual. Well, I used daylight instead of my lamp and it has made a huge amount of difference so while I was taking pix, I took one of the entire first wave:

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You can see that everything is painted except for the four walkers. Now I had hoped to have one finished by now but I haven't. The one at the back on the left has been fully base-coated, washed and is now in the process of getting the highlights sorted. The one next to it has had the first coat of blue added but nothing more and the other two are just primed. My primary painting task is getting the walkers finished and then going back to wash the little guys' hands with ink to define the fingers more.

So... sculpting has been very difficult. I have managed to ad two bits of putty to the space cowboy and a few bobs on the helmet of the cyclist but that is all. It really is depressing... I need to get those two sculpts finished but every time I try to work on them... I just can't face it. Sometimes, my muse is a bitch.

In other news, I have sent pix of the last sculpt I finished (the Sleiti Warrioress) off to be judged for the sculpting competition (fingers crossed). I have also assembled an Eldar Phoenix Lord and have started dabbing paint on it... more news on that in later posts (if it comes to anything).

I was trawling the forums the other day when I stumbled across some information about an E-Bay voucher. Ten minutes later, I had bought a pack of aliens from Reaper Miniatures for less than £2-00 (should have been £6-99) so I was pretty chuffed about that. They are a bit different to the Visitors sculpts but I plan to use them as servants for the Supreme Commander (Mekon) so that was a good bit of luck.

I think it is about time for a gratuitous Kitten picture... here's sleepy Henry:

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There is a lot of joy to be had when you see your little kitten sleeping... it means he isn't climbing the back of your legs or running riot over the furniture.

See you from the bus lane!

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