Saturday, 29 September 2012

Another short story.

The Visitors 2

“Sir, we’re picking up unidentified projectiles entering the outer perimeter” said the scanner technician.
“What size, number and trajectory?” asked the officer.
“Small… smaller than a soldier… in excess of a hundred and fifty and they all seem to appear at a point five hundred kilometres beyond the outer perimeter, sir” replied the technician.
“Alert defence and scramble interceptors” said the officer.
“Yes, sir” replied the technician.

“This is Alpha one” said the pilot “stay in formation and link computers so we all go for different targets, over.”
“Alpha two, Roger, out.”
“Alpha three, Roger, out.”
“Alpha four, Roger, out.”
“Alpha five, Roger, out.”

The interceptors kept a tight formation as they approached the small objects that were speeding towards the planet’s outer orbit. As one, they all fired their pulse cannons and were surprised to see that the small objects were simply thrown off course and not destroyed. They continued their assault on the targets and were determined that, even if they weren’t destroyed, the objects would be sent out into space and away from the planet. After a short while, Alpha flight were content that no more of the objects were heading towards orbit and called off the attack but were quickly alerted to the fact that the objects had altered course and had redirected towards the planet again.

“This is Alpha one to Alpha flight” said the pilot “switch to rail guns and continue on task, over.”
“Alpha two, Roger, out.”
“Alpha three, Roger, out.”
“Alpha four, Roger, out.”
“Alpha five, Roger, out.”

Again the interceptors converged on the targets and began to blast them with hyper-velocity rounds but this time, some of the objects were destroyed by the attack.

“This is Alpha one to Alpha flight, continue with rail guns and destroy all targets, out” said the pilot.

It was little more than target practice after that and in less than an hour; all of the objects had been destroyed.

“Hello, this is Alpha one to control” said the pilot “please confirm all targets destroyed, over.”
“This is control. All targets confirmed destroyed. Return to base for de-brief, over.”
“This is Alpha one, returning to base, out”.

“We have sent out a recovery team to collect some samples from the destroyed objects” said the colonel “we should have something to inspect very soon.”
“Excellent” said the high commander “I believe that this was a test of our defences and we need to be extra vigilant at this time.”
“I agree, sir” replied the colonel “I have already voiced my concerns with orbit control and they have put the interceptors on amber alert.”
“That is good to hear, colonel” said the high commander “as soon as we have the samples I want our best scientists on task.”
“That is being dealt with now, sir” replied the colonel.
“I wonder what the recon team will find at the entry point for all of these objects” said the high commander “I would suspect some sort of special gate like the Sleiti used to use to teleport.”
“You don’t think that the Sleiti have returned do you sir?” asked the colonel.
“Of course not, colonel; they have been our allies for nearly a hundred years and they have no reason to break our treaties due to the aid we have delivered since their home world died” replied the high commander “I believe that this is something altogether different… maybe something from outside our own universe.”
“Well, I hope we find out soon” said the colonel “we will need time to muster our forces and prepare the arks if we need to.”
“Let us hope that the arks aren’t necessary this time” said the high commander sagely.

“A full and thorough investigation of the objects has been carried out and we have reached the conclusion that they are some form of psychic teleportation system” said the head scientist “they contain a biologically manufactured synovial fluid and a range of psychic transceivers that would likely be able to open a worm-gate to allow the transportation of objects over a vast distance.”
“So it was an invasion attempt?” asked the high commander.
“We must assume the worst, sir” said the colonel.
“Doctor, is there any way of disabling the gate-projectors across a broad pattern or are we forced to take them out one at a time?” asked the high commander.
“We believe that a broad spectrum nano-wave transmitter will disrupt their ability to open gates whilst not harming the local population” replied the scientist “with your permission I will task the relevant agencies to commence manufacture of the transmitters immediately.”
“Granted, doctor” replied the high commander “colonel, ensure that the orbital interceptors are correctly equipped and that all ground personnel, including civilians, are made aware of the threat.”
“Yes, sir” replied the colonel.

A green fist slammed against the console. On the screen was a Grymn home world. It was rich in resources and bio-matter but the alien commander knew that it would not be efficient to launch a campaign on such a technically advanced planet. He turned to the small character stood by his side and muttered a few barked syllables before he waved away the planet on screen and brought up a fresh image.

“CHRaaak, Lecht raahhk” said the commander.
Loosely translated: Launch gate-spheres.

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