Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sunday's post by way of a distraction...

So I planned to sculpt this week... and failed. I seriously need to get my arse in gear and finish a couple of sculpts but I just don't have the drive for sculpting at the moment.

Instead of sculpting, I have been painting and have managed to finish the first two walkers for the first wave of Visitors:

Click the Pic!

I am happy with their current state but will add a further highlight when I have finished all of the walkers... that way I can maintain the momentum by not having to faff about with highlights. All I need to do now is finish the next two walkers and then I get to treat myself with some troops... and that means starting the next wave.

In other Visitor news, I have started to convert the hover chariots for the powered armour heroes but I haven't got very far. Speaking of the heroes, I have been busy on E-Bay trying to get hold of the miniatures to act as the base for them... and have had a spot of mixed luck. Yes; I have managed to get hold of two but I managed to spend far too much money in the process so as happy as I am to get hold of the miniatures, I am pretty sad about the price. I am genuinely gutted... but hey... it's only money, right?

All this Eldar activity (walkers, dreadnoughts, weapon platforms etc.) brought to mind my Eldar collection; specifically my Howling Banshees. In a fit of lunacy, I bought a Jain Zar Phoenix Lord and have been painting her up. I won't be painting her in Eldar style and the 30 Banshees that I also have in an unpainted state will be painted in a similar way... eventually. I have decided that Jain Zar will just tick along and get paint when I fancy with no time limits or anything and it is working so far. One day, I'll show some pix :).

That is about it today.

See you from the foxhole!


Brummie said...

They look great, look forward to when Jain Zar does make an appearance She is one of my favourite Phoenix Lords pose wise

Inso said...

Be prepared for metallic paint... I am not following the codex idea of wraith bone.

Rovanite said...

Those walkers are impressive, nice paint work too :)

Inso said...

Cheers :).

I'll be happier once I have the first four finished and table top ready (then I can get on with some more troops).

I have been sculpting a bit this week so progress is a bit slower than hoped though (but once I have finished the commissions...FINALLY... I can get down to really getting stuff done.