Tuesday, 7 August 2012


First of all... Welcome Mathyoo. I hope you enjoy your stay and keep commenting and getting involved.

So, I learned that if you punch hard things really hard, they break but you hurt your sculpting hand. So... no sculpting for at least a couple of days until all the bones realign and the pain dies down a bit.

It is a good excuse to watch sport on the telly... and of course Dog the Bounty Hunter!

I have a plan for Dog... I call it Pup the Bounty Hunter. I just need to get my sculpting hand back and it will all become obvious.

I have been looking at pix of the old Figure Trader dropship and I have been really thinking about how I can build something like it... but not like it. Here's a couple of pics of the beautiful beast:

Clikc the Pics!

Isn't she GORGEOUS?! The trouble is, it isn't quite big enough. I need space for four Old Crow tanks in it... and 28 troops so it needs to be BIG.

Uh-oh... it's Beer O'Clock.

See you from the bottom of the deep, blue, sea!


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't one of these do for your pirate crew?

Inso said...

It would be spiffing for them... but they already have a ship and I doubt that I would be able to afford the asking price for one of these OOP beauties :(