Sunday, 5 August 2012

Measured opinions.

Before I start, I'd like to welcome EinarOlafson and angiegerrard to my blog. Welcome to Inso's World and I hope you both enjoy your stay. Feel free to wander along the paths and comment on things you feel you want to comment about.

I've had a tiring week. Busy at work but not so busy to tire me out... it has been the lack of sleep that has done me in. It isn't all bad though... it frees the mind somewhat so I have been coming up with lots of ideas.

Well... the Grekwood sculpt is finished:

Click the Pic!

Click the Pic!

The first pic shows all the angles and the second one shows the sculpt tabbed up ready to get sent.

... and this leads me to the title of today's post. 

When you do what I do and sculpt things, you get an opinion of what you have created. You get this opinion by turning the sculpt over in your hand, studying it from all directions, comparing it to the idea behind the design or the subject you are trying to replicate. You decide in your mind whether it is what you were trying to achieve, not bad.... or one for the bin. The Grekwood sculpt is what I would call 'close enough but not perfect'. I am happy with it, and that is the best measure I have.

Then you put the pictures out there and sit back and wait for the opinions of others.

I would say that sometimes you have to have a thick skin but sometimes you can bask in glory at the praise you get. People throw opinions at you and they can be measured, they can be blunt or they can be down-right rude. Sometimes you agree but other times, no matter how hard you stare at your work, you can't understand how the posted opinion could be reached. 

It is difficult, sometimes, to remain objective when you think your work is good but others give reasons for it not being so good but that is the nature of the beast. If you put stuff 'out there' then expect people to have mixed opinions. The only way to stop the mixed opinions is to practice and work even harder to make your work as perfect as you can (even though you may be a little crestfallen at the negative comments you get).

The comments I received about the Grekwood sculpt led to me adjusting the face slightly but because it looks like what I wanted to achieve, I would never change it any further to appease the negative comments... so this is one of those thick skin moments. 

Measured opinions require measured responses and with everything being so global nowadays, there is no way you can please everyone.

SO... I've been adding putty to the big armature and here it is at the moment:

Click the Pic!

He is getting there and will end up as a 'Stealth Cyclist'... a cyclist in black Lycra with a black helmet, big head and even bigger grin. He is another gizzit for a colleague who is leaving so I have four weeks to turn it from this into the planned caricature... GULP!

I have also been getting some sculpting done on the space cowboy (which I am not allowed to show off) and my Hasslefree competition sculpt (which isn't enough to show off) so I have been a little bit busy but not busy enough to get everything finished.


See you from the gate at the bottom of the field; where the stream floods in the spring and the cows graze in the summer.


Brummie said...

Grekwood looks great to me. nice choice of attire for him and the fez looks brill.

Mathyoo said...

I think the sculpt is really well done. If I'd had to pick something negative, it'd probably be the face, but heck, I can't even get the proportions right, so I am not the one to judge. I must say that when I first saw the pics, the detail on the coat and pants really caught my eyes. And I didn't knew about Grekwood before, but from the pics I saw at Carls, I could recognize him even if you wouldn't say who he is supposed to be.

Will he be available at Carls, or something?

Rovanite said...

You had negative comments about it?? :/

I've had people say negative things about my stuff (as you know), and it's difficult to get past. I mean, I know my stuff isn't the best out there, but then it's not THAT bad.

Anyway, I agree with Brummie, it looks great, and I know Gareth would have loved and appreciated it, which is the main thing!

Lord Siwoc said...

Loving the FEZ!!!!

Good work. He could be a great survivor miniature in my zombie town of Gravesend!

Inso said...

Cheers :)

Hopefully Carl will be able to get some decent casts from it and if that happens, he'll be available as part of the Grekwood Miniatures range :)