Sunday, 29 July 2012

Finally, a little progress.

Today I have been into town and had a good old potter around. I went into Model Zone and could have easily spent a LOT of money - there are some excellent offers in their summer sale.

Speaking of offers, Hasslefree Miniatures are having a summer bonus as well... see this LINK for what's on offer and this LINK for the details. It is definitely worth a look.

As you will have read yesterday, the leaving do that I went to went very well and my gizzit was well accepted so I was very happy about that... (this one):

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It ended up with a laminated, tiny newspaper on the base with his name and the dates he was at his post. Now it is just a case of bringing the next one upto a similar standard by September the 3rd. Here is what it looks like at the moment:

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Awesome isn't it (he said sarcastically)?

The Space Cowboy has been getting a little bit of work as well... but I can't show you that... so how about my little Space Dwarf project? Here's where I am at with that now:

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I have finished the female dolly and have started to bulk out the next two. The new ones only look larger because they are closer than the finished ones... they are all around the same height. These two are both going to be male with two females following on from them. I think both of the sexes will have a standing, jogging, running, kneeling and prone dolly (to start with) so I should end up with ten dollies to get cast ready for detailing up. You know what they say, slow and steady wins the race.

My Grekwood sculpt is coming along too. I just need to tidy the coat up and add a base tag and he will be finished:

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His head is a little larger than I would have liked but he is a caricature so I am not overly concerned. A bit of paint and it will look pretty close to the intended mug-shot.

Add to this little lot, two based RAFM spider mechs for my Clanker units and I don't think I've done too bad. Hopefully, I'll sleep better this week and then I'll be able to keep my mind on things a bit better.

Who knows?

See you from the table! 


Mathyoo said...

Wow, that looks great, especially the Dwarfs. A dolly is as nice as a dolly needs to be!

Rovanite said...

Great job on those dwarfs and the Grekwood Sculpt! And that is a fine looking dolyl as Mathyoo said hehe

Just wondering... is this for me to cast and sell on the website? If so, it's probably best not to paint it as it'll get discoloured when it goes through the moulding process (which would be a shame). But what I would do is send you a couple of the masters for you to paint (keep)when it is cast.

If it is purely a gift (not to sell) then ignore everything I just wrote!! lol

Inso said...

@Mathyoo: Cheers :).

@Rovanite: It will be for you to sell on your website so I won't paint it :).