Saturday, 11 August 2012

A glorious Saturday.

I was up at the crack of sparrows today and even after doing some sculpting and checking the forums I still managed to go into town for a coffee before my family materialised. Sometimes, I really don't mind waking up early.

I almost feel like ranting about Facebook... but to be honest, I am in too good a mood for a rant so I won't bother.

I must admit that I had reached a worrying point with my Hasslefree competition sculpt. I had sculpted the complete miniature, hands and all and was at a point where I wanted to add weapons to the forearms... and then I began to worry about messing things up. Fortunately, I had a rush of abandonment this morning and I cracked on regardless and I am happy that the results justify the faith. I haven't quite finished but I am so close that I want to hold off on the pics until it is done.

Space Cowboy got some putty thrown at it this morning as well so he was quite happy. I've also stared to sculpt Pup; the bounty hunter... more on that tomorrow I would suspect. The large sculpt is progressing nicely too... I may even stand a chance of getting it finished before the deadline at this rate.

So, quite a positive start to the day and I have NO PLANS! That's right... I can do whatever the heck I like.  I may pop into somewhere later for a change of scenery but today, I will mostly be sculpting and surfing the web... with a hint of what-ever-else thrown in.

In other news, a friend in Spain sent me over three Robogear kits to mess about with so Thanks Eneko (if you are reading this). I am most fond of the spider walker which will end up as... SOMETHING (it's called 'building suspense'). I have plans so watch this space (after I have finished the required sculpts of course).

I also had a small amount of luck with E-bay and have bagged another five Void Archangels for a ludicrously small amount of cash so, one day, I'll be able to field ten of them.

My drop-ship obsession is creeping up on me again and it has even got to a point of how I'll reinforce things when I start building... CRAZY.

Well... colour me 'off to do something else!'

See you from the funny papers!

(WARNING... this is my 666th post... the beast is on it's way).

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