Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sunday stuff.

I'll start today's post with a bit of bad news. Ainsty Castings was the victim of theft this weekend and it has hit them hard. Please follow the link to find out more about it:


If anyone out there sees any of the stolen stock for sale, please let the police/Ainsty Castings know and maybe we can all do our little bit to nail the scum that has carried out the theft.

It leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

Well... it has been a week this week. I would love to say that I have achieved a huge amount of hobby stuff but I haven't. The Space Cowboy has moved on considerably but everything else has been about sorting out basics with nothing really positive to show off.  The only bit of positive progress that I can show off is on the Space Dwarf:

Click the Pic!

As you can see, I have started to add all of the body armour on the Dwarf and once I have got that sorted, I will tidy up the rest and look to find somewhere to get a few cast... but I'll be sculpting a few more torso/leg poses to a similar level before I get any cast up (may as well get five or so sculpted up and get a few masters to play with).

You may have noticed that there is a more human sized armature in the pic. Well, that is a sculpt that I have planned for a while as a gift. As you can see, he is in a very early stage of sculpting but when he is finished he will have a long coat and a big smile... he may even be wearing a fez. Who knows?

On the motorcycle front, my CB500 has kicked me in the proverbials again. While draining my front brake, the reservoir was over the tank. I pumped the brake a bit to drain the fluid from the brake unit and didn't notice that there was a leak from the master cylinder... I now have a lovely patch of stripped paint on the fuel tank and will need to spend £70+ on a new master cylinder and that doesn't include the cost of the tank re-spray. Fortunately, I managed to remove the seized bolt from the rear-set using some screw extractors so I can now sort those out (flaking paint and corrosion)...

...however... when I was on my course this week, I was taken to a bike shop and got a chance to have a look around and I have seen some very nice bikes. Add to that the fact that next month I finish paying for the car and need to get another loan to maintain my credit rating (that is my excuse and I am sticking to it) and it may mean that I end up with a nice new bike to keep me entertained while I renovate my CB500.

... Hmmm...

... New bike :).

See you from Thruxton!


Rovanite said...

That sucks about them being robbed. Hopefully they will be caught soon!

Nice work on the Space Dwarf! Also... a fez would look really cool ;)

Inso said...

Then a fez it shall have :).

I can't promise when it will be finished but it has started and that is always a good sign.

Rovanite said...

No worries, take as long as you need/want. The thought is extremely appreciated :) Whenever it is complete i'll fit it in with whatever mould I am making at the time :)