Friday, 15 June 2012

Happy Friday!

It is a very good Friday today.

First of all... it's Friday and the start of the weekend.

Secondly, I have finished my Puma conversion course (from Mark1 to Mark2 aircraft... a big step towards the peak of modernity for the old girls) and passed the exam with flying colours.

Thirdly, I collected my E-Bay win from the post office and I now have three of the heavy weapon versions of the Vulkan Battlesuits from the old Warzone range of miniatures. That means that I have 24 Vulkans to turn into Clankers for my Tunnel Fighter army. If you are not sure what 24 Vulkan Battlesuits look like... here's a pic:

Click the Pic!

My plan is to eventually end up with three squads of ten Clankers, each led by a heavy weapon version. At the moment, I have three squads of eight. To explain the picture:
  • Top left: 4 Clankers. There are six arms that are being converted for these and the ones below.
  • Middle left: 4 Clankers. Two arms short, see above.
  • Bottom left: 3 Clankers.
  • Top right: 4 Clankers.
  • Middle right: 3 heavy weapon Clankers (leaders) 
  • Bottom right: 6 finished Clankers LINK LINK
As you can see, I have a lot of converting and assembling to go. The most time consuming bit will be to sort out the weapon arms that I have started to convert and then to add the hatches to the top of each one and Green-Stuff a visor. I will be trimming off all the base tabs and mounting each one on a 40mm base (50mm for the leader Clankers because of their wide stance).

So there you have it... far too much money's worth of old OOP stuff but they will look fantastic as a platoon... won't they?

Excuse me, I am off to do a happy dance :) (only six more to find :) ).

See you from the sunshine that I am walking on!

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