Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sunday with a whooosh!

It has been a weekend and no mistake. Yesterday, I spent seven odd hours sorting out a computer for my father-in-law and although it took ages, I was very pleased with the results (now all I need to do is sort out the printer and we are cooking on gas!). As a result, I didn't really have the time or enthusiasm for much hobby stuff yesterday but there you go.

Today I have been ticking along with this and that. I have got a little further with Goliath:

Click the Pic!

What you don't see is the huge amount of work that has gone into smoothing out his back... but the head is finished. I have been working on the arms as well but need to sort out the boots, gloves and then smooth everything out properly. I'm quite pleased with him so far but am finding his size to be a pain due to handling while the sculpt is still setting (and because he is on a plastic base, I can't really hurry things along with a heat source).

Next up is a pair of legs:

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I am happy with the legs/boots and will be slowly sorting out his body-armour over the next couple of days... I am thinking of having this one as a blank (so no arms/head) to get some casts made so that I can make a few different sculpts from it... I haven't decided yet.

As I mentioned, I bought a Storm Talon kit from Games Workshop. I have been fiddling with the kit and have assembled the cockpit with a replacement floor and have realised that it is more than big enough to house a Beetle-bot as a gunner/navigator and a Grymn pilot. In fact it is much larger than I expected... take a look:

Click the Pic!

I have also decided that I will be making the ship into something more than just a gunship... eventually... so watch this space.

In other news... I have won something cool on E-Bay! As you may know, I have a bit of a model-crush on the old Warzone, Vulkan battle-suits. In fact, I decided that 22 is never enough so I have been bidding on a further 3. These are the special ones with the rocket launcher on (that I didn't have any of)... Well, I won them and I am rather happy about it. They will look great in my Clanker units for my Tunnel Fighter army.

...And finally...

I have another week of being at training-school so I need to get my head straight for the exam on Friday! Crikey, who said an old dog can't learn new tricks?! At the end of this week I will know what the difference is between a Puma Hc Mk1 and a Puma Hc Mk2...

...But I can't tell you that because it is a secret (and of course, I'd have to kill you ;) ).

See you from the corner!

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