Sunday, 27 May 2012

A packed Sunday post

To kick off today's post, I'd like to welcome maxxev to Inso's World. I hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to get involved with comments and questions. If you look over at the blog list, you'll find his blog there and it is well worth a look because of the interesting conversions on display.

Here's a (blurry) picture:

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On the left we have the start of Goliath for the super-soldier program and on the right we have a secret sculpt at a very early stage. It just shows that I am still ticking along on my current sculpting journey. Speaking of which, I have got more done on the Gizzit and the cowboy but I have been reminded that these are surprise gifts so I shouldn't really post them up... so I'm not going to (until they are finished and gifted). In other sculpting news:

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I managed to finish Beast and have even got as far as painting him:

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I think he fits in rather well. There is a nice mix of colours going on but red seems to be winning at the moment so it will be nice to have a big, blue Goliath towering over them all. I have been steered towards sculpting a Wolverine to go with the team and I think a dash of yellow would compliment the group as well. I just have to decide on how to make his claws.

In other news, my shopping addiction has returned and this week I have spent FAR too much money on STUFF. I have pre-ordered a Storm Talon, thrown some money into Old Crow stuff (more on that in a later post) and have been bidding on E-bay again... three Void miniature boxed sets (Syntha) for £12-00 (including postage) can't be bad.

I have been charging my bike-battery up and it appears that I won't be getting away with firing the bike up. I guess it is deep-strip time... at least I'll get to do a bit of spannering again :). I need to get some oil circulating around the engine so I'll have to hand-crank it with some oil in there... that means taking things to bits, removing the spark-plugs and trying to turn the rear wheel with the bike in-gear. If that fails...the engine will have to come out and get stripped and cleaned and re-assembled. I hope we have a dry summer (I don't have a garage).

Yesterday I watched a short film called 'The Telephone Box'. It is an old, foreign film from 1972 that when I was really small, it gave me terrible nightmares. To cut a long story short, it is about a man who gets trapped in a telephone box. He is just about to be saved by the fire brigade but the phone company turns up and takes the box, and its occupant away to a warehouse where there are phone boxes everywhere. In each one is a person in various states of decay. The box gets dropped off and the truck drives away. 

Well, I watched the film and although I didn't find it frightening, I could see how I would have been frightened and to be honest, I didn't really enjoy watching it again. Whether it was the memories from my past or the actual film, who knows? I am glad I watched it though... but I remembered it from start to finish...  it really must have made an impact on me.

Well... that about sums everything up. 

See you from the rickety bridge!


maxxev said...

Thank you for the welcome, though I have lurked on this blog a number of times over the years :).

You sculpting is seriously coming along, I wish I could sculpt muscles even half as good as you!

Keep it up (and good luck with the bike) ;).

Inso said...

Cheers :)

I'm just amazed that you hadn't got a blog before.

maxxev said...

I have gamer ADD, therefore i've never stuck with anything long enough to warent a blog.

I am combatting my GADD with the fantasy project, where anything goes. e.g. no matter what I want to paint / convert or sculpt as long as it's fantasy, i'm going to cram it into the project somewhere!!

Plus when I really don't want to do any of the above I can fiddle with the rules a bit... lol.

Seems to be working so far....

Inso said...

It certainly does :).

A blog is a great place to chronicle your work and if you get comments, it can really be helpful.

maxxev said...

Yep, if you get comments, lol.

As of yesterday I have made more posts on my blog than I have had comments :(.

Maybe I just need to be more patient... only been live 3 weeks... I shall try not to take people's lack of interest to heart lol.

maxxev said...

AND.... 8 of those comments are my replies lol.

Inso said...

You will find that as time goes on, you will get more comments but generally, you won't get very many.

I find it depends very much on what you post... not everything appeals to everybody.

Things will pick up :)