Sunday, 27 May 2012

WHAT!? More?!

I know it isn't the norm to make multiple posts in one day but I have done something today that has been waiting for four whole years to be done.

Today, I have done a bit of sculpting but I have also started to work on my bike! That is right, I have started to fix my beloved motorcycle starting with a new brake disc and front fork seals.

The jobs took me all day but I have been going slowly and have been stripping other bits and bobs down. I also managed to turn the engine over but in doing so I have realised that I need a new battery. I have so much to do now (new oil, filter, fork oil, brake fluid, hose clamps, brake-lever spring... the list goes on) but I have started... and that has really made me happy.

Now all I have to do is sort out four years of neglect!

I love making things difficult for myself.

See you from the garage (well... the garden, next to the tent filled with bike bits)!

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