Saturday, 26 May 2012

It's OK but... is it?

Every once in a while something crops up that initially makes me think 'what the bleep is that?!' but after a while I see something within the odd shapes and unusual design that makes me think 'it might look OK with a few changes'.

Well, a picture (or three) speaks a thousand words:

Click all the pix for big versions!

They are stumpy, front heavy and have too much weaponry for what they are... but there is something about the fuselage and engines that has caught my eye. Here's what I think could make it acceptable:
  • Remove the chin guns
  • Remove the side pods
  • Lengthen the tail
  • lose the downward pointing tail-fin
  • Work out where to put some weapons
  • Work out where to put the undercarriage
It's from Games Workshop and it has JUST appeared on the advance order page. Hmmm...

See you from the Zorb!


Sergeant Crunch said...

I could use a set or two of those engine nacelles, but that's about all the use I have for one of those. Could probably get a few once they're out and parts resellers get them up on feeBay.

Dai said...

I think the front Assault cannon turret could do with streamlining, but otherwise I quite like this - far better than the Storm Raven.

Brummie said...

I like it apart from the chin turret

Inso said...

There is definitely a cool flier waiting to break free...

... I'm going to buy one to see what I can do :)

Hendybadger said...

Looking forward to seeing what you do with it

Inso said...

I am quite torn at the moment between making a dedicated gunship from it... or making a small dropship.

Either way, I have one on advance order so whatever happens, I have one on the way and once I've put a Grymn in the cockpit, I'll see where the muse takes me :)

The sprues are on show at the GW advance order page and it looks like the thing will be very easy to change. The cockpit area looks to be a completely separate pod so I'll be able to sort that out while deciding what to do with the rest of the fuselage.

Fun times :).